Why early education so important?

The early years are precious windows of opportunity, which lay crucial and irreversible foundation for a child’s life time development.


Why teach baby to read?

By regularly and systematically reading to a young child, a parent will stimulate the child's intelligence, understanding and creativity at an early age.


Why Mandarin alongside English?

The brain learns Chinese as music and reads Chinese as pictures. It stimulates both the right and left brains, leading to greater mental capacity.


Renowned early education methods

Many early education methods have produced life long lasting effects, which result in many of the differences between individuals.



Since “How To Teach Your Baby To Read” by Dr. Glenn Doman was published in 1964, thousands of parents have given their healthy babies an exceptional reading ability by using this book. To their joyous surprise, they all witnessed the miracle that their babies not only can read, but also understand the written words, and are much more advanced than that of babies who were not in this practice. iKidsiBooks aims to provide scientific and educational information on early education, and to help your babies grab hold of their innate creativity to become iKids in the 21st century. 

Early Education

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What Neuroscience Tells Us?

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Baby Learning

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