Karl Witte education

Karl Witte believed that the intelligence of children is not hereditary, a specific type of education can transform any child into a genius. His early home training of his son over 200 years ago, is now regarded as one of the most inspiring and helpful contributions ever made to the literature of education.


Montessori method

Maria Montessori described the young child in the first plane enjoys two great natural gifts: the ‘absorbent mind’ and the ‘sensitive periods’, also known as times of optimal learning. Her educational method is in use today in public and private schools throughout the world.


Doman method

Glenn Doman believes all children are born with genius potential that is greater than Leonardo da Vinci ever used in his lifetime. His educational method is a flashcard based right brain home teaching programs, aiming to stimulate young children’s intelligence and to develop their right brain abilities...


Shichida method

Makoto Shichida believed that all children are born geniuses and the purpose of education is not to teach knowledge but to develop a child's abilities. His educational method incorporates special techniques for stimulating brains and helping children to develop special abilities from 3 months and 6 years old.


Doman Method vs Shichida Method

There are much confusion between Shichida Method and Doman Method, since Shichida Method began with Doman Method, and is very much like Doman Method in terms of making full use of flashcards, math dots, music and foreign language learning, to stimulate the right brain development of young children from birth to 6 years old, in developing right brain lateralized skills of photographic memory, speed reading, computer-like math calculation, spatial ability, and instant multi-language acquisition, etc. According to Aileen Kawagoe, who sent her two kids to a Shichida Academy described in her interesting article Dr Shichida’s “spy-kids” school, that “Dr Shichida’s theory of right brain wiring approximates those offered by Dr Howard Gardner, Thomas Armstrong, Dr Colin Rose, western educators who are said to be spearheading educational reform in those countries under the umbrella of Multiple Intelligences. But in spirit as well as in practice, Glenn Doman, is considered closest to Dr Shichida (although this is vehemently denied by Shichida practitioners).”

In spite of similarities with Doman Method, Shichida Method, however, includes many other unconventional activities, such as gathering energy ball, imaginary play, and ESP games, to develop children’s imagination and the sixth sense. Dr Shichida believed that wave reading is a key skill that all students should master. The energy ball exercises, imaginary play followed by ESP activities are three key components incorporated to almost every classes.

Apart from the differences described above, there are two other characteristic differences between Doman Method and Shichida Method. Firstly, Doman Method is home-based teaching which encourages parents to make their own flashcards and home books, while Shichida Method is classroom based, although parents have to do lots homework for it to be effective. According to parents’ feedback there are many factors that will affect success rate of Shichida Method, for example, the quality of teachers in the classes, the age of the child starting with the program, and how diligent the parents are, since it needs at least one year of consistent commitment of home and class practices to see the effect in the child, which turns out to be very pricey. Another difference, according to the parents, is that unlike Doman Method, there is no real systematic content of facts and information such as the major disciplines of learning in science and history etc is ever taught in Shichida Method, although all the memory skills work incorporated encyclopedic facts and data. But nevertheless, according to  Shichida moms, the special right brain techniques used in Shichida Method are fairly impressive, incorporating mystical mandala training, meditation and intuition training together, even 2 year olds are evidently get into the habit of doing these games very well, although downright pragmatists and skeptics find some of these techniques hard to swallow, and feel like Shichida academy is a “spy-training-style” school that is designed in developing in kids the kind of skills that the best cloak-and-dagger CIA and KGB spies are supposed to have.

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